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About Us

About Us About Us About Us About Us

EST 2010

Red Onion was founded in Uppsala, Sweden in the end of 2010.

We strive to create high quality solutions for web and mobile that are effective, attractive and built with great care.


In spite of our awkward pitches – we’re designers and programmers, not salesmen – our clients hire us based on what we actually deliver, not on elevator pitches made of snazzy buzzwords or elaborate promises.

Why the name?

“fun, spirited and not intimidating”

Steve Jobs, about choosing the name Apple

We wanted something that was not an anonymous three or four letter abbreviation. We also did not want to limit our selection to what would be appropriate from a SEO point of view. Names created with only SEOhits in mind often becomes ironically non-descriptive in their lack of personality.

So, we turned to the giants who proved that fruits and vegetables ;P very well can symbolize the values and identity of a technological company. Besides, it does make for a rather nifty logo.

But if somone asks, we will of course tell them it is a reference to .onion and a metaphor for responsible development.

The Team

The Team The Team The Team The Team


Creates the visual parts of our projects, designing and coding front-end. Frida holds a Master of Science in Technology, as well as a Bachelor Degree in Economics from Uppsala University.

Frida is also an excellent writer, which has even given her invites to the Nobel Prize festivities.


can imagine (almost) anything

Which is great for both planning ahead as well as testing. If you need to know the weak points or possible risks with a certain venture*, Frida should be able to find the probable as well as improbable ones.

*please note that inquiries not related to Red Onion may be ignored


“Life is too short for bad or boring”

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Manages back-end coding, databases and builds the functionality behind our clients’ custom made applications. David is Civil Engineer in Engineering Physics from Uppsala University.

David has also taught undergraduate level math at Uppsala University, completed a swedish classic and military service in the Swedish army rangers at K3.


can explain (almost) everything

This skill is great when it comes to keeping clients informed and in the loop. Do you have a question?* Googling is so last year – just email David and get a lengthy answer.

*please note that inquiries not related to Red Onion may be ignored


“The impossible can become possible - if you're AWESOME!”

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