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What does a website cost? Part III

Okay, so how much is it then?

by Frida Nyvall

In previous posts of our series on how much a website costs, we have discussed why different sites may have different prices, and what determines the price.

In this section, we summarize these parts and position the different functionality and needs at various price levels. Use our price lists to get an idea of the price level of your website.

The price of creating your new website depends on your business needs, the purpose of the website and what you hope that the website will be able to do for your business. If you need help clarify your needs, drawing up guidelines for a good web strategy for your project, or would like to have someone to bounce ideas off, feel free to schedule a consultation with us.

Compare your project to the following checklists to get an estimate of what price range your in. You may also contact us for a more exact price estimation.


If you are in need of any of the following:
  • a simple web page with information about your business
  • help to adapt and structure the page so that it will deliver the desired results
  • need introduction to editing or adding new content to the website’s CMS
  • support or help with updates to the website’s CMS after launch


If you are also in the need of any of the following:
  • be able to have total control of layout and design (recommended if you are particular about your branding or details)
  • need a tailored approach to maximize the website’s success
  • want to brand the website with a unique design that no other website has (most website templates are made to fit the needs and tastes of as many people as possible, making them very flexible, but at the same time homogeneous)


If you also need one of these:
  • need specific functionality (for example, if the site you want to build is a web application like Airbnb)
  • need to integrate your website against other systems (eg. systems for finance, registers, records or information databases)
  • want to treat yourself to a little extra in the form of well-crafted details – you’re looking for the most exclusive and modern

Please contact us for a more accurate price estimate or a quote.

If the budget is really small?

But what should I do if the budget is really small? (Really small meaning less than a thousand USD.)

In the next part of the series, we talk about a few ways to get a website if your budget is just a few hundred dollars.


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