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Get started with e-commerce

How to Choose the Right
E-Commerce Solution

by Frida Nyvall

There are many ways of setting up a web shop. The focus in this article is on choosing the right solution for small to medium sized businesses that want to get started quickly and easily and that does not require any programming skills.

Have a look at our other e-commerce posts: “How to Start a Web Shop” and “Shopify vs. Squarespace vs. Wix” for more information and tips.

What is cheapest, and what is best? It all depends on the needs and individual situation of the web shop. It also depends on how sales are expected to progress as each transaction incurs costs that varies with the chosen payment provider. Use the contents of this article as a guide, however you are the one who can determine the needs of your e-commerce the most accurately.

Subscriptions and Payments

Keep in mind that it is often cheaper to pay the subscriptions per year instead of per month if possible.

To determine which payment costs are most advantageous for your web store, consider the number and value of your presumed monthly transactions, and test budgeting examples based on your sales estimations.

Keep in mind that the cost incurred is per transaction, i.e. per payment and not for example per product. Use these estimates to help calculate which solution provide you most value.

Extra Features, Plugins, and Apps

Examples of additional features may be booking systems, marketing plugins, product reviews, or extra shipping and delivery options.

Since the cost of additional features both can stack up as well as differ between the different platforms, it is good if you have a sense of what additional features you think you will need from the start.

Listing features that you want to include, and ranking them can be helpful for selecting the most economic option. Then go through the list and compare the prices for different extensions on each platform.


If you plan on setting up the shop by yourself, it is good to know customer support is available if you get stuck. If it is important for you to get support in your own language, Shopify seems to offer support in the most languages (customer support by e-mail).

If you need help setting up a web shop, we are happy to help. Contact us and tell us more about your situation!


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