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Build an application

Let’s build
an App or Webapp*

by Frida Nyvall

Do you have a great idea for the next big app or website, but is uncertain if it is really possible to build?

This article deals with key questions like “how much is an app?”, and “how long does it take to build an application?”.

*we also include websites or platforms offering services such as facebook, amazon and airbnb in the “app” concept

Whether you’re sitting on the next big hit in gaming, want to modernize your company’s order management system or simply want to save the planet, the first question that comes up is: can this be built?

What is possible?

The answer is that almost anything is possible, but requires a varying amount of resources – usually in the form of time. The more complex the development needed to overcome the challenges in the application gets, the more time is needed to complete the app.

Note that there is a difference between complex functionality and application content. A complex content – eg. a guide to building a space rocket – does not necessarily mean that it is particularly complicated to produce an app of the guide.

How long does it take?

How long does it take to develop an app?

How long it takes to build an application or web platform depends on how much resources are available in the form of time or funding, and how complex the application is.

If the budget allows, it is possible to speed up the process by reserving more development time.

How much is it?

How much is an app?

Time is money, and so the cost of developing an app depends on the extent and complexity of the application’s functionality. The more features, and also the more difficult features you want to add, the longer it will take to develop the app, which in turn is reflected in the price.

The cost of developing an application is also connected to the project’s timetable. If the application has to be completed within a very short and limited time frame, the price will be higher compared to if the project has a more generous deadline.

Setting a tighter deadline does not cut down on the amount of work needed, it just means that the work has to be performed in a shorter time.­



For more information about web project pricing, we recommend reading our blog series “How much is a website?”. Please contact us if you would like to know how much it would cost to develop your app.

Will the result be good?

Will the app meet my expectations?

Prevent disappointment by getting a general idea of what you can expect from the web agency or developer you are looking to hire in advance. Check the quality of their work by looking up previous applications they have built, or ask for references from previous projects. Also consider contacting the agency and if appropriate ask them to tell you more about a specific project that share similarities with the app you want to build.

my business is complex

Can someone unfamiliar with our industry really build a tool for it?

You are the one who decides what your app should do. Our task is to build the data systems, user interfaces, design and make it all come together in an amazing application.

Whether the data represents financial or economic information, environmental pollution, social involvement, personality mappings or the effects of a drug, it is always just data. As such it can be stored, processed, printed out, visualized, shared, made available and explained. And that is where our expertise lies.

We have for example built applications to calculate environmental impacts, map personality profiles, and a business-oriented social intranet with built-in statistics and gamification features, not by being experts in theses diverse fields, but by understanding what our customer wants to build. (Although to be fair, having degrees in both Engineering and Economics has helped us improve the underlying algorithms and systems for some of the apps we’ve built.)

If you know what you want to achieve with your application and can convey it to others, chances are good your app can become the success you envision.

Contact us to discuss your ideas!



Read the blogpost “Ideas are meant to be realized” for more tips on what might be good to keep in mind when you want to build an application.


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