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Web Design & Web Development

Web Design & Web Development Web Design & Web Development Web Design & Web Development Web Design & Web Development

Red Onion is a web development agency near Stockholm, Sweden. We design and develop professional and user-friendly websites and applications. Everything is handcrafted with great care from the office in Uppsala.

We offer both complete solutions as well as temporary web development and web design support.

In addition to website, webshops, and e-commerce, we also build customized apps and platforms.

We also serve as a development department for clients with recurring needs in web development.

We are there to support clients who sporadically or occasionally want to improve, adjust or update their websites.

Examples of Services

Custom Applications

We enjoy working with entrepreneurs. If you have an idea, we will be happy to help you realize it. Find tips and advice on how to take the first steps towards your vision on our blog.

We provide support from the first meeting. We can, for example, assist in conducting feasibility studies, creating specification documents, building prototypes, setting up tests and following you and your idea all the way to launch day.


When time is of the essence, perhaps the best way forward is to start with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or a POC (Proof of Concept) to test your ideas while minimizing any risks.

If you have an idea, a prototype can be the first step towards your goal. Create, test, analyze and adjust. We help you all the way from specification to launch.

E-commerce Solutions

Webshops are open 27/7, accessible for anywhere via computers as well as tablets and smartphones.

E-commerce stores can be integrated with business systems and ERPs for smooth and automatic order and warehouse management.

Get a complete overview of all of your online sales using statistics, customer accounts and campaigns – all tracked and managed via admin pages. Read more about how we helped one of our clients develop their e-commerce solution.

Design System

What are Design Systems?

Design systems have become more and more important with the rise of web applications and web-based software services. Larger web apps and digital products are often constructed by putting together smaller components to form a complete experience.

To keep the design, branding and user experience consistent throughout the product, setting up specific rules to describe how components should be built and look have proven very effective. These unified rules constitute the design system.

“Design System” is a comprehensive description, encompassing concepts such as Brand Guidelines, UI Components and Pattern Library.

How do Design Systems Work?

Design Systems help companies and organizations gain control of all parts of a digital product. The Design System helps keep the design, communication, and branding coherent across all platforms.

At the same time, the Design System serves as a resource for the future. The documentation makes it easier for everyone involved to find, understand and adding to the product. By being able to reuse concepts and components, a lot of time can be saved.

We guide our clients through the process of developing a Design System adapted to the needs of their organization.



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Front-End Development

We use HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and SCSS to create performant, SEO friendly and accessible websites. Our framework experience includes Vue.js and React.js.

Front-end build tools are ever-changing, but just to mention a selection of the ones we are currently utilizing: npm, gulp, babel, and webpack.

Back-End Development

We build APIs and API integrations of various types.

We also handle integrations with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, e-commerce solutions like WooCommerce and Shopify, and payment systems like Klarna, Stripe, and Svea.

On the back-end, we like to use PHP. Our philosophy is to use the right tools for the job. For example, read about how we used AI to interpret large amounts of data in a custom web application.

Consulting & Support

We act as a long-term partner and become your own on-demand web development department. We help your digital projects succeed in a way that suits your business and budget.

Apart from consulting, we also offer support so that our clients always have someone to ask.


We design responsive, user-friendly and accessible UI, UX, web sites and apps. To be able to cater to clients regardless of platform/operating system we usually use Adobe Suite software.


We have experience with several CMS (Content Management Systems) such as WordPress, Craft, and Drupal. We have the most expertise in WordPress.

We also work with CMS solutions for e-commerce and web shops such as WooCommerce and Shopify.