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Web Design Trends 2021

Web Design Trends 2021

by Frida Nyvall

What will trend in web design 2021? We predict trends in web design in the coming year.

Dark mode

Dark mode has been trending during the previous year and is still being popular. Check out our predictions about dark mode in last year’s article ”Web Design Trends 2020”.

Like in 2020, the trend is based on an increased accessibility awareness, and on new web technologies which make developing dark mode easier.

Example of dark mode at the White House website.


Glassmorphism is a new trend, striving to create the illusion of elements consisting of frosted or transparent glass or plastic.

Using web technologies like blend modes and filters, which have received increased browser support, it is possible to create effects using overlapping elements. Read more about which effects can be achieved in our article ”Improving the Editing Experience with CSS Blend Modes”.

Example of glassmorphism

Example of glassmorphism by RH Agency.

Glassmorphism is an evolution of last year’s trend neumorphism. You can read more about neumorphism in our previous blog post about web design trends 2020.

The design style is also used in the latest version of macOS Big Sur, which we think will further increase its popularity.

Glassmorphism in macOS Big Sur

Example of glassmorphism in macOS Big Sur.

Try creating your own “glassmorphed” elements on

3D and Animations

The need to bridge distances using digital tools and to bring people closer together despite pandemic restrictions place new demands on what can be accomplished by websites.

3D and animations are used to a greater extent to enhance digital communication. From extremely advanced digital experiences in 3D with the intent of completely replacing and recreating experiences in real life, to purely decorative and mood-enhancing elements.

Tomorrowland – Around The World 2020, a digital music festival in the form of an interactive 3D website from Dogstudio.

3D blob

Example of 3D blob.

The Blob goes 3D

The colorful and often gradient-filled blob that was featured as a trend in 2019 has incorporated the 3D trend of 2021.

Read more about the blob in our previous article “Web Design Trends 2019”, or create you own 3D blob at blobmixer.

Black and White instead of Blue

A trend from previous years has been 2D illustrations of people with blue or purple skin color. It is unclear if this type of illustration became popular due to a desire to be politically correct in an effortless way, or if it was mostly a purely visual trend.

Another reason for their popularity that cannot be ignored, is the fact that they have been accessible for free from image sites like humaans and

This led to the illustrations becoming quite common. Because of their frequent use, it is advisable not to use them for branding purposes since their popularity makes it difficult to distinguish one brand or web page from another.

Instead of illustrations of people in color, our trend prediction is using black and white illustrations that can also easily be adjusted for dark mode. Mailchimp is a company that has embraced the trend.

Black and white illustrations at Mailchimp

Example of black and white illustrations at Mailchimp.


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