Red Onion has in an excellent way delivered the requested solutions we needed in the form of a modern digital tool. We really appreciate Red Onion’s involvement and commitment to the project. Right from the start, we’ve had the opportunity to discuss ideas together to find the right way forward.

In addition to great communication skills, we also appreciate Red Onion’s problem-solving abilities, solution-oriented mindset and high quality of work.

Daniel Edenvik, CEO Edenvik Strategic Communication

In Short

Our Mission

Edenvik Strategic Communication is an established B2B agency with offices in Stockholm and Vancouver. Edenvik wanted to expand and streamline the digital part of their tool “Märkesled”.


The tool is a central part of their business and is used to help their clients improve their strategic communication.


Gathering large amounts of data is part of the “Märkesled” process. Edenvik wanted a solution for collecting information that was easily accessible and fast for users. The solution should also be able to analyze, organize and present the results.

The Result

Data is collected through a web application focusing on mobile users.


By using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically analyze the collected data, Edenvik is able to save a lot of time that otherwise had been taken up by manually assessing the information.


The result of the analyzed information is presented in different types of sortable, filterable and interactive diagrams and tables. These resources provide great visual support for Edenvik when presenting the results to their clients.


Want to try it out?

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  • AI
  • Programming
  • UI & UX
  • API Integration

In Detail

Text Analysis with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Microsoft has developed multiple different AI tools to interpret and analyze cognitive inputs (speech, images, languages). This project is built using selected parts of the Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to analyze data from the web app through API calls.


For the client, this is both a time- and cost-efficient way of accessing the latest AI technologies.


Smoother Admin Experience

Previous projects containing a lot of data can be uploaded to the system via imports. Edenvik is, therefore, able to take advantage of the new tool even when working with older projects and previous data sets.


Through the admin section of the web application, Edenvik can handle users, client projects, user options and decide how and in which ways information is to be collected.

Screenshot of using the Brandblanks web app for answering questions as an end user.