Always friendly, always available and very quick when we needed help. The result was just as good as we had hoped, and our customer was very satisfied. Thank you!

Jörgen Runeby, To Be Frank

In short


When our friends at To Be Frank invited us to develop the website of one of the largest owner-managed construction companies in Uppsala, we happily accepted.


Building a home

The new website is a solid tool for showcasing the company’s projects, presenting the company’s different sections as well as creating a personal introduction to first time visitors and prospective clients.


Using WordPress as CMS, the site also allows for easier management and updating of news articles as well as company information and image galleries.


  • Programming
  • System Architecture
  • WordPress Integration

In Detail

Byggconstruct screenshot projects

Customised image gallery

Byggcontruct needed not just an inspiring and impressive facade, but also meaningful ways of conveying information and displaying more detailed information about projects and processes.

To be able to drill down for information but still keeping it simple to navigate the site, we built a customised image gallery with sliding features to show more information on demand.

Byggconstruct screenshot2

From web to paper

Can what looks good on the web also be made to look good on paper? The client was very happy with how well information about their projects displayed on the web, but needed a way to easily extract this information and display it in briefings or reports.

To make life easier for employees and stakeholders, we made it possible to get the information about each project as a printable pdf file. The document is created with a special print layout designed to display the project information from the website nicely within an A4 sheet of paper. The document can then be either emailed or printed out and used as project briefs during client meetings or presentations.