Red Onion impressed with their knowledge of programming and technical design. They worked efficiently, and contributed with ideas that we would not have thought of ourselves. We will continue to work with Red Onion when we need fast and qualified web / app development.

Henrika Thomasson, Edenvik

In short

The big move

Eterne (formerly ICM) is a client of Edenvik, and specializes in environmentally responsible office moves.


Eterne wanted to streamline and modernize their sales process. This was done by converting the sales staff’s fully Excel-based tool to an online application available on both mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Web app

Red Onion created a responsive web app where the algorithms from the Excel file were transferred into a backend system. The focus was on the app’s ease of use, and to make the presentation of the calculation results more accessible and easy to understand.


The application would be used by sales staff on handheld devices, making it possible to create and show reports and diagrams to customers on-the-go.


  • Programming
  • Responsive UI & UX

In Detail

Eterne screenshot of the screen where the user enters data

Simplifying administration

The app makes it painless and simple for Eterne vendors to develop reports that are easy to read and explain to potential customers. The app also simplifies the administrative work, thanks to functionality such as the possibilities to share, edit and save calculations and reports.

Eterne screenshot showing the table data

Value created

Vendors can now simply and in a graphically appealing way present the benefits of Eterne’s moves, and with one touch save and email reports in PDF format to their customers. By improving the work tools of the sales staff, the company is well positioned to increase its sales.