Red Onion was very responsive to our needs. The communication was quick, clear and professional, so we felt confident that it would be a good project. We are very pleased with both the platform and with Red Onion!

Daniel Edenvik, CEO Edenvik

In short


ATA offers total solutions in road and traffic safety. In addition to safety-related services, ATA also offers training and materials for safer work environments.


New Challenges

The company has recently expanded, and established new business operations. ATA therefor needed a place to gather information and internal communication. ATA also wanted to streamline communication within the company.


Red Onion was commissioned by the communications agency Edenvik, to help ATA create an Intranet. Because many of ATA’s employees have a varied work environment, the intranet would primarily be built to be used on mobile phones.


We created an intranet in the form of a responsive web application, focusing on providing a mobile UI experience. Users can, through the platform’s personal feed, get instant updates on company news, as well as actively engage by liking, commenting and sharing content.


Administrators have a powerful as well as precise tool for managing the company’s internal communication via easy-to-use administrative pages.



Improved internal communication means fewer costly misunderstandings and less frustration. Employees can both help and support each-other in better and smarter ways. ATA’s intranet makes sure their operations can move even faster than before – with a truly engaged and committed workforce.


  • UI Design
  • Programming
  • System Architecture

A Portable Intranet

EttATA login screen.

Mobile First

Employees can easily access all internal information and communication in one place. Since the intranet is built to work especially well on mobile platforms, employees have everything they need at hand whether they are in the office, in the car or out in the field.

With a UI that is clear and easy to use, stress and time spent on finding information, reaching the right people and keeping up to date are reduced.

Profile Page

The Profile Page give the user an overview of their activity on the platform. The page is also used for letting employees present themselves, their work and their role within the company to their peers.

Filter, Sort and Search

Information should always be within easy reach. With the help of custom-built solutions for sorting and filtering search results, the knowledgebase and expertise of the entire company is just a few taps away. For example, finding contact details for specific co-workers has never been easier.

Effective Communication

Mobile screenshot of EttATA intranet.


The main feed shows news, articles and events. What is shown in each person’s feed can be customized via the administration interface. For example, some events can be set to only be visible to employees belonging to specific departments.

Tools for Creating Engagment

The feed is a way of creating engaging two-way communication between employees and management. Employees can like and comment on everything that appears in the feed. They can also share events with their colleagues, thus helping to spread commitment and involvement in the company.

Personal Notifications

With personal notifications, it is impossible to miss important messages or events. How often and when notifications trigger can be customized by administrators or adjusted by users themselves.

All in One Place

Screenshot of EttATA intranet. Screenshot of EttATA intranet.

Easy to Use

It has been a priority to also make the platform easy to use for administrators. These usually access the intranet via computers rather than mobile devices, and their main operations are publishing or administrating the web app content.

Administrators can easily create articles, events and news, and manage member accounts and user groups via a smooth and transparent interface. Admin pages include for example drag-and-drop functionality, and are built to flexibly facilitate content creation.

There are also basic statistics to help administrators and management get an overview of how the platform is used and what creates engagement.


Administrators have the opportunity to build customized e-mail messages via special pages on the web app’s administration section. The content of the e-mail can both be determined manually, but can also be populated via automatically generated content from the platform.