I am beyond excited, soooooo gorgeous. Thank you so much Red Onion, for the GREAT work you have accomplished!

Ylva Binder, founder Rhuby Ltd

In short

Rhuby LTD

Rhuby is the brand of a Swedish rhubarb liqueur. In addition to a base of vodka, the liqueur consists of rhubarbs grown in Sörmland, and contains no artificial flavors or additives.


The brand’s founder, Ylva Binder, is an industry veteran and has previously worked with brands like Bacardi, Bombay Sapphire, Hendrick’s and Glenfiddich.


The client needed a website with a unique design that helped to consolidate the brand’s motto. The brand aims to be connected to luxury, elegance and inclusiveness. Rhuby would also like to highlight the company’s involvement in the Pink Ribbon campaign, and add some shabby-chic vibes to the design. Our challenge was thus to create a truly unique website, that really evokes the desired feelings and ambiances.


  • Design
  • Programming
  • UI & UX
  • System Architecture
  • WordPress Integration

In Detail

Standing out is being out-standing

An unconventional web design that stands out from the current flat and minimalist trends. The team behind Rhuby had a clear vision about what style they wanted for their brand, but gave Red Onion a very large portion of creative freedom to design the pages. The Rhuby website is a one page scrolling website, a technique which has become more and more popular. It’s been great fun designing and developing the Rhuby website, and we look forward to following their progress.

Rhuby flying butterflies

Supporting the Brand

Rhuby screenshot

Value created

The new website facilitates the company’s marketing and plays an important role in conveying the brand message to customers and consumers. Rhuby can easily administer the site themselves via WordPress. Since the website is responsive and accessible from both tablets and smartphones, the brand’s availability has increased.