Always friendly, always available and very quick when we needed help. The result was just as good as we had hoped, and our customer was very satisfied. Thank you!

Jörgen Runeby, To Be Frank

In short


SKB (Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB) is a longtime client of our friends at To Be Frank, and the organization responsible for taking care of the Swedish radioactive waste. As such, the demands on the organization for being informative and in all aspects safety conscious are tremendous.


The campaign “Kuben” was created to counterbalance the seriousness and gravity that often characterizes these subjects.

The Hexagon Game

To Be Frank came to us with a vision of how information that might be perceived as hard to digest on its own could be wrapped up in an online puzzle game to make it both interactive and more easily accessible.


Building highly specialized solutions is always exciting, and we enjoyed taking advantage of techniques not commonly used in your everyday project.


  • Programming
  • System Architecture

In Detail

SKB kuben animated example

Online Puzzle Game

Behind every blue triangle in the puzzle, a small part of a larger image is hidden. Gradually, each triangle is unlocked so that it is possible to view the image behind it on hover. The challenge is to figure out what the large image in the background is depicting.

Each small triangular image also represents different tasks aimed to improve SKB as an organisation. When the task is completed by the assigned SKB department, the corresponding triangular piece of the puzzle is unlocked.


Like many other large organizations with complex internal systems, SKB’s internal environement is restricted when it comes to choosing and updating Internet browsers. Hence, the requirement was that the puzzle game should be optimized for Internet Explorer9.


We decided to use SVGs to create the triangles, and then added separate background images as SVG fill. The background images needed to be cut into separate smaller images so prevent users from cheating.