We at To Be Frank would like to thank Red Onion for a fantastic job developing the app for SKB. Red Onion has shown a high level of creativity, competence and patience in the development process.

Jörgen Runeby, To Be Frank

In short

iPad app

Red Onion produced an iPad app for SKB on behalf of the agency To Be Frank. The application was installed on tablets available for visitors of SKB’s annual exhibition during Almedalsveckan, and later as part of the permanent exhibition in Östhammar.


The goal of the application was to make the information accessible and interesting to the visitors. The design and its implementation was created to have a genuine “application” feeling to distinguish the application as an iPad app.

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Special Features

As part of the exhibition’s visitors would be children, a drawing application was also included (based on HTML5 and canvas) where visitors could unleash their creativity.


To increase the involvement of the visitors, the application also came with a quizz with questions about SKB’s activities.


We implemented a specially designed interface, which included an innovative horizontal navigation of application content.


  • Programming
  • System Architecture
  • WordPress Integration

Following up

After the weekly exhibition at Almedalsveckan, SKB could easily get statistics on how many people had participated in the quiz, and how many had used the application. The app also provided a measure of how successful visitors had been at the quiz. Both SKB and To Be Frank were very happy with how the application worked as a modern, fun and interactive part of the exhibition.


Since the application is also being used at SKB’s permanent exhibition, SKB wanted to be able to update the contents of the application by themselves. We therefore integrated the application with a CMS (WordPress).