The project has been smooth from start to finish. Red Onion has been outmost professional, accommodating and really listened to our needs. They contributed with ideas, helped with complex solutions and they’ve been a great support throughout the process. We are super happy and look forward to continuing working together!

Mats Ågren, CEO Texstar

In Short

High Profile

Texstar is one of Sweden’s largest players when it comes to workwear and company branded clothing. The focus is on offering a high-quality assortment of well-designed garments for the service sector. Through its own sellers and a large network of retailers, the company helps customers build their brands.


The company’s webshop is a critical part of Texstar’s business model. Texstar wanted to improve the customer experience of the webshop, as well as create a common platform for sellers and resellers.


The company also wanted to add tools for their in-house sellers, as well as offer customers extra webshop functionality. The purpose of these initiatives was to catch up with and outperform their competitors.



Our Role

In order to improve Texstar’s financial result and empower their sales personnel as well as their resellers, we created tools for performing smarter and more efficient sales processes, together with our friends at Edenvik.


We improved customers shopping experience by making it easier to order products with customized branding. We also created member accounts for sellers, resellers, and customers with different access levels connected to the platform and the webshop.


We also increased accessibility by making all web pages on the site responsive. We structured and organized the order and sales history using overview pages and statistics charts.


The web platform was integrated with WordPress and Texstar’s ERP system Garp.


  • E-Commerce
  • Programming
  • UI & UX
  • ERP Integration
  • WordPress

Improved Customer Experience & Communication

Texstar menu


We put in a lot of efforts to make the website and webshop easy to use. Texstar’s customers occasionally trade in large volumes, however, it should still be easy to edit and to get an overview of each item in the shopping cart.

Texstar’s customers are often recurring, so in order to place orders as quickly as possible, we added settings to handle pre-filled fields and previously used delivery information.

Texstar menu


As part of the webshop, we built a tool to let customers visualize logos and texts on real items in the collection, improving their shopping experience.

Using the logo applicator (MinLogo), it is easier to make the right decision on how to design the customized apparel. The risk of confusion, unnecessary iterations and mistakes decreases when the customers themselves can create pictures of how they want the final result to look like.

This lead to more satisfied customers and smoother administrative management of processing orders.

Texstar menu


In order for Texstar to reach all stakeholders in one place, we created a system on the platform for member management with different access levels for sellers, resellers, and customers.

Texstar can now customize the content on the platform and in the shop depending on who the recipient is. In this way, Texstar sells and communicates not only more efficiently, but also in a personal and customized manner despite the large size of their customer base.

Both the webshop and the platform are available in several different languages.

Smarter & more effective sales

Texstar menu Texstar screenshot of interactive proprosal tool


The sales team at Texstar plays a key role in the company’s success. To help sellers succeed even better, we built a tool for creating proposals on the platform.

Through the easy-to-use and accessible interface, sellers can quickly create nice looking and customized proposals in PDF format. They can easily save and edit different versions of the proposal as well as share it with colleagues, customers, and retailers.

Texstar menu


Although Texstar had accumulated a large amount of historical transaction data, the company had no way of structuring it, getting an overview to interpret it or in any easy way make use of the information.

We helped Texstar understand and leverage their data by visualizing it in easy-to-understand charts and graphs. We set up filtering features that make it possible to zoom in on specific categories and segments in detail.

With their data at their command and fingertips, Texstar can now take advantage of the information and make smarter decisions about company products and sales.

By studying how sales have evolved over time, it is also possible to more quickly perceive changes in customers’ consumption patterns and take appropriate action in time.

Texstar menu


To help resellers market Texstar’s products, we created a searchable media library containing videos, images, product catalogs and marketing materials.

The media library comes with helpful filtering features, making it easy to quickly find and download the material the user needs.