Easily answer 5 top tech interview questions.
Never cram for another interview again!

In Short

Intervue / Vue Interview App

Looking for a new job but need to brush up on your tech skills before the interview?


This is the ultimate shortcut to acing your tech interview. We have compiled 5 typical tech interview questions and provided a template to answer them easily without either cramming or stumbling.


How? At the interview, just take out your smartphone and enter the URL:



This is a personal project built with Vue.js. The project is not meant as being serious. We are simply having a little bit of fun with a few of the typical (sometimes not very effective) job interview questions that people in the tech industry have come across.


Curious about the technology we used when building this app? Have a look at “Vue.js – Building an Interview Experience”.


The Magic Behind

The interview app is a Single Page Application (SPA), where the user stays on a page that dynamically reloads its content.


We are using transition animations to add to the native app like look and feel.


We’re utilizing Wikipedia’s open API, some advanced mathematics, and a few lesser known HTML elements to put this little tool together.



  • Vue
  • SPA
  • UI & UX
  • Animations
  • API Integration